[Right_to_die] Helium hood method of self-deliverance went well

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Sun Nov 22 09:14:10 PST 2009

My very ill friend successfully completed her final exit using the 
information from the 'Final Exit' book about a week ago.  The helium 
cannisters were the party pak ones purchased from a local store and she 
used a turkey roaster bag and the elastic element was an athletic 
headband.  She did opt for the t-valve so that only 1 tube was taped 
inside the bag.

Everything worked exactly as stated in the book.  There was lots of 
planning.  Two comments:

1.  As she pulled the bag over her head she said it's cold.... assume 
she was referring to the helium.  Might be something for people to know 
about to be prepared.

2.  The helium ran out about 15-20 mins after she started, but before 
she was dead,  so those present ( but not assisting) had to trust that 
was normal, that she had inhaled enough breaths of pure helium, and that 
this was normal and not to panic  Another little point of detail.

Otherwise I am so grateful she had this option as her pain had become 
unbearable.  I am hoping laws change during my lifetime so end of life 
planning can be more inclusive of family and friends which helps 
eliminate uninformed fears about death.
Thank you again for your work.
----------------name and address withheld

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